Ag-Gag Laws in Australia: Activists under Fire May Not Be out of the Woods Yet


  • Elizabeth Englezos Griffith University


This paper examines the potential impact of Australia’s proposed ‘ag-gag’ laws in light of the decision of the High Court in ABC v Lenah Game Meats. It also explores the possible consequences of the (suggested) reforms on animal advocates, animal welfare, and our democratic and constitutional right to free political communication. The paper concludes that while the proposed laws may be unable to achieve their intended effect, they still present an inchoate threat to public debate and have the potential to undermine the democracy envisaged by the Australian Constitution.

Author Biography

Elizabeth Englezos, Griffith University

Elizabeth has just completed her BLaws (Hon) at Griffith University on the Gold Coast and holds a Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy from the University of Sydney.  She is particularly interested in the commodification of living things such as animals, and bioknowledge, as well as the use of social narratives to maintain existing class divides within society


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