New Publication: Volume 10 Issue 1


Congratulations to the brilliant authors and editors who worked together to publish Volume 10 Issue 1. 

We have five incredible papers on a range of matters:

  • Ensuring the Right to a Fair Criminal Trial Using Communication Assistance by Anita Mackay and Jacqueline Giuffrida;
  • State Complicity in the Extralegal Killing of Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan: A Case for Brutalisation by Christopher Alexander and Mai Sato;
  • No Way Out? Australia's Overseas Travel Ban and 'Rights-Based' Interpretation by Bruce Chen;
  • Racist Ideology and Hashtag Activism: The Collision of Art, Brand, and Law in Peter Drew's Aussie Folk Hero, Monga Khan by Kathy Bowrey; and
  • Older Persons, the Sustainable Development Goals, and Human Rights by Belinda Bennett.

The production of knowledge that is open and accessible to all is a major part of our mission as a journal. In light of this, we hope you enjoy reading these articles.

The full issue can be viewed here.